Sunday, May 8, 2011

Update from the Waves

I ABSOLUTELY cannot believe that it has been TWO MONTHS since I have blogged. I am in shock. I am sorry to all of you who so kindly read my ramblings and crazy ideas, and I promise I will not neglect you again. Pinky promise, at that! First and foremost, Happy Mother's Day! I would dedicate this post to my mother, but if you scroll down two posts to "Shoulder Dusting Kind of Love" you can read all about the wonderful individual who I am beyond blessed to call my mother/best friend/cheerleader/backbone, (every other word that represents strength, grace, beauty, and kindness). Now, back to the present. SO much has happened since I blogged last. I could write novels about all that has mingled its way into the paths of my life, but I will try to give you all the nutshell version.

If you read my post in January about "Stepping Out of the Boat and Onto the Waves," you know that a few months ago I was dealing with letting go of my stubborn "control" over my life and the front of the boat and then stepping out onto the uncertainty of the waves and letting Him guide me. Well, here is my update from the waves. Letting go of the boat/my "perfect navigation"/stepping out onto the waves was the BEST thing. It's funny how when you try to paint your pretty, ideal picture of your life the way you want it, God laughs and hands you a Mona Lisa compared to what you helplessly and ignorantly tried to create. Since I have been out in the waves, God has truly taught me how to "ride the waves" and appreciate the tides He stretches out to your grasp and even the tides He pulls back in.

The past four months, I have truly seen God's presence in my life. He opened doors-which allowed me to serve and do something I love-that had been closed in the past. He has presented new and exciting opportunities in my life that I would never even imagine and could only dream of (i.e., I was asked to speak to a group of girls because someone actually liked my crazy ramblings on here- that was extremely humbling/a cherished compliment/ one of my ultimate dreams). He has also sent people into my life that have added their own unique hues and shades to the picture that I could have never created on my own and now couldn't imagine the picture of my life without them. All the while, He has blessed me with the irreplaceable family and friends that have stuck to my side from the very beginning. As this school year comes to an end, I look back on the previous year and all of its struggles, and as much as I tell myself I would never want to go through it again, I know that it was part of the journey to where I am today. It was the lesson that taught me to let go of the boat, have courage, and trust that I could ride the waves. It was a season where I became less and He became more. I became less in control and He became more real than I could have ever fathomed.

Therefore, here is my update from the waves.
The waves are amazing.
(I dare you to come out here and join me.)
Life is good.
God is better.