Monday, April 30, 2012

Do You Know What Tomorrow Is?

In case you were wondering...tomorrow,

Ok, so a little cheesy, I know, but if you were the slightest fan of NSYNC (and let's face it, most girls out there were/are) then you will appreciate this somewhat. I now have the song resounding in my head along with the visual of Justin, JC, Chris, Lance, and Joey breaking through the doll containers and running down the shelves in the music video. CLEARLY, I was a 90s child. I even have their lunch box, but enough of my fanatical rambling.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

I know, I know. Awkward and Awesome twice in one week... Who does that? I do because my life is simply that awkward, and you can never be too thankful for all the awesome things in your life:) Here we go!

  1. Tuesday, I had to attend an initiation ceremony for Beta Gamma Sigma, an honor society for Business/Accountancy majors. I already find school-related ceremonies painfully awkward: from the business-related attire to the inevitable speech to walking across stages in front of large masses of strangers to finally maneuvering through rows of seats to get back to your own. You get what I am saying. So, here I am, in this already awkward situation, and our row is guided to the stage where yes, we have to walk out in front of the masses. As my name is read, I walk with prayers on repeat that I don't face plant (that happens frequently), and I safely make it to the table where I am supposed to receive my certificate and pin(awkward again). As I get to the table, the girl asks me my name; I respond, and guess what? She couldn't find my certificate.... She asks if we can talk after the ceremony. I smile and say sure. I turn around, face the nosy masses who are wondering why this girl is the only incompetent initiate who doesn't get a certificate and smile yet again and walk to my seat empty-handed. I was hoping that everyone was blinded by the eager-beaver mother in the back of the room snapping photos that no one notice my blunder. Nope, one of the staff crawls through the rows of seats to get to mine and asks me my name and promises to find my certificate. Let's just say the Pony Express won't leave the watering trough, and my certificate will be here in a few days. 
  2. Wednesday, I had been sick for over a week now with sinuses/allergies, but things had begun to look up for the good old immune system until Wednesday. I had just found my seat in my MIS class (which only has thirty to forty people) when a coughing spell decides to take over my body. I naively thought it would surrender within a few seconds, but no the cough fought viciously. After I realized this, I got up from my seat and found the nearest water fountain. I waited until I thought the cough had ceased. I returned to my seat in class and resumed listening to the monotonous computer programming lecture. Within a minute and a half, it was back with a vengeance. I did not want to get up for a second time, so I tried as hard as I could not to cough. I can only imagine the excruciatingly awkward faces I was making in this process. Eventually, the cough won out; I was coughing so much that tears were in my eyes- TEARS- which made it more awkward in that people thought I was probably crying from my public humiliation. Therefore, I excused myself yet again. You're welcome for the entertainment, peers.
  3. Thursday, I had my management test. The room where this class is held is literally an inferno. It should just be referred to as the Boiler Room. Irrelevant to my story. Just me venting. Go with it. So, back to the test. As I am minding my own business, trying to make it through downsizing issues and MTBI personality traits, a pesky bug lands on my test. I try to shoo it off. It dies on the front page of my test. I want to scream because I have half of a dead bug on my hand and the other half on my test, but I am not sure that would fly with Teach. and the other 120-ish students in the class. Therefore, I have to bit my lip and finish through my test. Why me? Why my test?


  1.  Double Decker was this weekend. One of my favorite weekends of the year in this town and one of the 1000 reasons I love my secondary home. From the "Big as Yo Head" ice cream sandwiches to the tents of vendors showcasing their art, designs, food creations etc., to the red Double Decker buses voyaging through the town, to the music performances all weekend, and mostly the beauty of this quaint town makes it so memorable.
  2. My sister came this weekend and I got to spend it with her. Much needed and thoroughly enjoyed.
  3. Today's beautiful weather and a run at the park!
  4. The green and white striped skirt and spring scarf I bought today!
  5. One more week left of classes! Woo hoo (even though I will be in school all summer- just let me think it's still almost here for me!)
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Ok, so this picture is MORTIFYING, but I couldn't really help myself.  I have never joined in on the fun of Throwback Thursday, but today was too perfect of an occasion not to. You see, my best friend (pictured at left) is now OFFICIALLY in Nursing School, and I could not be more proud and more excited for her. Therefore, I found this old picture (high school spring break trip-yikes), and found it to be 100% accurate of how I feel today for my friend. 

To this picture: You are mortifying and a blatant reminder that I should not ever dance in public, in pictures, or anywhere at all for that matter. 
To today: Thank you for being a special day for my friend.
To tonight: Celebrations are in the forecast.
To my friend: I am so very excited for you. Although I am going to miss you terribly next year, I cannot wait to see this new chapter of your life unfold for you. You deserve this, and you are going to be absolutely wonderful. I am so proud of you. I love you!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Unfortunately, I don't have much time to blog tonight because I have a ten-page story due and management test tomorrow, but when I saw this quote, I couldn't help myself. I found it on Brittany's blog, and I knew I would have to put it on mine at some point. Also, major props to Skylar- she's from my hometown- on American Idol  tonight (which is playing in the background of my study session- everyone needs background noise right?)

Happy Wednesday!! Come back tomorrow? Great, see you then!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Awkward and Awesome (Houston-Style)

So, here we go. As promised, I am back from Houston, and I have multiple awkward moments to share. In fact, there are so many that I had to choose which ones to share. I haven't figured out the reasoning yet, but Awkward has a crush on me and follows me like a shadow. Without further ado, 


  • Let's start out with this guy. This is a foot-long hot dog. This is the epitome of awkward. No, the ball park did not sell "regular" hot dogs. They only served foot-longs. Therefore, in the spirit of the baseball atmosphere, I ordered a foot-long hot dog. Disclaimer: There is no non-awkward way to try to eat a foot-long hot dog. So, at one point, I suppose I was really into the game and picked this bad boy up upside-down. You can guess the aftermath. Yellow is my favorite color, but mustard on white shorts was not my ideal style for the day.
  • People bring sunscreen to the pool. People bring towels to the pool. People bring life-sized teddy bears to the pool.. Yep. As we were sitting at the pool Saturday, a full-fledged adult felt the need to bring a five-foot teddy bear to the pool with him. (I am still trying to figure this one out myself).
  • Sunday night we went to Raging Cajun which seemed to be a family-oriented restaurant but apparently was structured for giants. I get to the drink dispenser and make it beyond obvious I have never been to the restaurant before. I am a little over 5'6 and had to stand on my tip-toes to get my lemonade. Needless to say, I couldn't see the top of the glass, so as I go to pull my drink down, it billows over my cup and drenches my arm and legs. So if you're keeping score at home, we have mustard on the white shorts and pink lemonade on the rest of my body.
  • Friday morning I boarded the plane and began the infuriating task of trying to "stow away my carry-on items." Most of the time, this occurs flawlessly. Not Friday. No, my pink tote bag decided she was claustrophobic and didn't want to fit in the bin. So here I am pulling a Ben Stiller practically heaving myself against the bag trying to make it go into the overhead bin. Need I mention it was before seven AM and I provided everyone with a comical wake-up call. 
  • When I got there Friday, Andrew had to work, so I was left to entertain myself without a car on a rainy day in Houston. I had to be at the airport at 4am, so I fell asleep pretty quickly. When I woke up, Maury was playing on the TV. I could not find the remote, so yes, I watched Maury episodes... awkward all by itself
  • Boyfriend, being the wonderful guy that he is, got me the flowers you are about to see in the Awesome section below. As I just mentioned, Friday was rainy, so when the sun came out Saturday, I was determined that these pretties needed sun. I set them out on the balcony, and they were happy as can be there. Well, Sunday came along, and when I went to check on them, they were dead as a door knob. All twelve of them. I killed my flowers. Every last one of them. (Sorry, Andrew.)

  • The beautiful flowers that were waiting upon my arrival! (Also the ones that I fried :( 
  • Watching the Astros win 12-0 and also seeing a grand slam. Baseball games just can't be beat.
  • CHUY'S. Yes, I went. Are you surprised?
  • Dinner at the Spindle Top- it was on top of the Hyatt, and it rotates around as you eat so you get the full view of the city. It was so pretty! The food was wonderful too.
  • Pretty days beside a pool. I need summer.
  • Getting to spend an awesome weekend with one of my favorite people and loving every single awkward minute of it.

View from the Spindle Top- does no justice.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

PLEASE tell me that when you read the title you immediately pictured Ben Affleck in Armageddon serenading Liv Tyler and spinning her around in a moment of pure a-w-e? If not, hopefully you at least know the song. If you can't recall either, I am crashing-and-burning here in my pop culture references. Back to the point. (Although, Ben Affleck is wonderful.)

In about seven hours (who's really counting here?) I am, indeed, leaving on a plane and heading to The Lone Star State to see (drumroll, please.....)
..........This guy!

He would probably be embarrassed if he knew that I put this picture up, but we'll keep it our little secret, ok? Great! Yep, that is what I put up with on a daily basis and have done so now for a little over a year! However, he's in Texas; I'm in Mississippi- so I don't get to help him uncross his eyes every day. Needless to say, I am rather excited about the weekend in Houston and hopefully can also have a visit with....
.........This guy!
To the human eye, that may look like your average queso, but ladies and gentlemen, it simply is not. It is Chuy's Queso COMPUESTO, and I have a serious love affair with this bowl of cheese, guacamole, and all sorts of heavenly goodness. Maybe it's just that Mississippi Mexican cuisine is not up-to-speed, but I absolutely love this dip. 

So, I might be MIA for a few days, but I promise I will be back as soon as I can with one too many awkward stories to tell! Considering past trips to Houston have led to:
  • Me falling on my hands and knees in a dress and heels in the middle of the streets of Houston in the middle of a torrential downpour right outside of the huge window display of the  nice restaurant we had reservations for. Did I mention that a man on the street offered me his son's helmet?
  • Literally running from a chimp at the zoo who was throwing things into the crowd.
  • Spilling a cup of water in my lap and on my dress at another nice restaurant (see Awkward and Awesome post below) right as the waiter came to take my order.
  • (and that's just a few)
So stick around. Things could will get embarrassing!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

So, I recently found Michaela's blog and loved it, so I had to join in on the fun of her post today- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not. Let's get started shall we?


1. Days at the park: This week, I have been to the park three days, and it always makes my week so much better. Whether it's running/walking or finding amusement from the yoga boys(see post below), I always love the me-time I have while I am there. The scenery isn't too shabby either (sorry that I stole this picture from you Samantha!)

2. DIY- Door Headboards: Since I will be moving into my new house for next year within the next two months, I guess I am starting to dabble my toes in the waters of decor. I have always fully believed in "one man's garbage is another man's treasure" which rings true for this piece. Last summer, I randomly found a door and had no idea what I wanted to do with it (or what I could since I would be in a sorority house). But now that I am about to have my own space, I think that the door might come in handy quite nicely. Cross your fingers that I can make it look like the one above:)

 3. CINDA B I absolutely love this line of luggage/bags. I think they are fabulous. One of my dear sorority sisters has recently started up her own business- you can visit her facebook page HERE- and she carries this wonderful line. Even better, if you spend just $50 on Cinda B, you get one of these ADORABLE coffee sleeves for FREE. I don't even drink coffee, but those sleeves make me want to start. So cute!

She Loves Me Not...
1.BEING SICK: The fact that I am having to take this medicine this week. I hate allergies/sinuses.

2. FINALS As happy as I am that summertime is soon approaching, I am dreading finals. No matter how easy the test can be, I am a champ at making them seem so much worse. I couldn't help but laugh at this cartoon though. My Eeyore attitude about them for sure.

3. The Bachelorette: Yes, I will admit it. I am ONE of those people who get vacuumed into the ridiculous drama of reality TV. Although I boycotted last season because of Courtney's crazy antics (not to mention several other girls who walked a thin line of mental/emotional stability) I am rather excited about watching Emily's season! The downfall: it doesn't start until mid-May.

Happy Wednesday kiddos! We are halfway there :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Dear People Watching, thank you for always being downright amusing. Your performance is consistent and a guarantee, and I salute you for that. Yet, you never cease to amaze me with your variety. Let's review some of your work this week, shall we?

To the worker at South Depot, As much as I have always wanted to open my own restaurant (true fact), I am not applying for jobs in the food industry as of now. Therefore, when you hand me my change next time, you don't have to give me your glove as well. Yep, that really happened. Even more awkward was the whole "oops, you gave me your sweaty glove along with my seventy-five cents. Let's awkwardly pass it back across the cash register and not make eye contact while doing so."

To the girl in my class today, I thank you for assuming that I am responsible, organized, and all-knowing, but I am none of the above. As much as I wish I could have told you when your project was due, I barely write my own tasks in my own messy planner. I can't decide who was more confused- you for me not knowing your assignments or me for the bewilderment of the question.

To the boy in my class today, Thank you for the grandiose entertainment of sprinting out of the middle of a review in search of your stolen cell phone that you had been tracking on your computer the entire class. Not to mention, your return of defeat when you did not find Waldo in the midst of the crowd and your telephone. I only hope that your search is more successful tomorrow.

To the girl with the umbrella walking across campus, Evidently, we share a love for Mary Poppins and all of her glory. However, let's do try to leave the umbrella spinning and pivoting to Julie Andrews. You spinning around with your umbrella on the sidewalk today almost left me with a trip to the ER, and girlfriend, I have been there before with no intention of going back.

To the boy at the park Sunday, Thank you for the wild entertainment while walking. I thought that escaping the hungry pit-bull would be the pinnacle of my run, but oh boy, did you prove me wrong. Not only were you shirtless and doing yoga in the middle of a family park, you also felt the need to sit on your head at one point. (Major props for that, by the way.)

To the rest of you, I hope you have a wonderful week. Whoever said, "Stop and smell the roses," obviously never Sat to watch the trees send their characters out of the woodwork. It's much more entertaining:) ALMOST Wednesday!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Motivation

Isn't this how we all feel about MONDAY? Then again, it does make you smile:) I definitely did that this morning too.

So, along with the cat theme, here is one more oomph to get your Monday going. (Please excuse the spelling of "ur" and "mai"- I promise that is not my grammatical creation.)

So build up your "Rainbow Wall of Happiness" and have a great week!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear Today, April 16: Thank you for being a special day and for marking the success of Boyfriend and I not killing one another over the past year :)

Dear Semester: Where did you go? You ran away along with Freshman and Sophomore year and are forcing me to embrace the fact that I am almost a Senior- not okay.

Dear Sweet Lady at Church: Thank you for singing Revelation Song. It's only one of my favorites and has a wonderful message to it.

Dear Chelsie: Congratulations on your engagement! I am so very excited for you and wish you all the best.

Dear Derby Day: You treated me so wrong. I can barely move a limb on my body... Speaking of...

Dear Internal Fitness/Physique: You are fired. You have fallen asleep on the job too many times. I need you to get back in gear and back in shape. Right now you are a blob.

Dear Awkward Moment from the Weekend: Thank you for teaching me that when stuck in the middle of a jam/dance session and college couples trying to "Bust-A-Move" the words "Excuse Me" are getting you absolutely nowhere and are only leaving you stranded in the cesspool of sweat and raging hormones. I would suggest hand sanitizer and whipping out your best dance number.

Dear Thursday night: Thank you for allowing me to wear this. Yep, if you even needed to ask, that would definitely be me in the center with the obnoxious shirt on. It was a themed birthday party, I promise.
Dear Nicholas Sparks: Thank you for releasing another fabulous book to the Cinema world this Friday. I am only hoping that they don't torture your stories as horribly as Miley did the Last time. (slight-pun intended).

Dear Readers: Happy Monday. I might just send a little mantra your way after I make it through this test!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dear #WhatShouldWeCallMe, thank you for this clip. It is a perfect example of what led me to my utter humiliaton today.

Dear Newks worker, Thank you for attempting to be patient with me while I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off and made a complete fool of myself in your presence.

Dear Common Sense, WHERE ARE YOU? 

Dear Pimento Cheese Sandwich and Fire Roasted Tomato Soup, Thank you for, at least, being worth the humiliation I unfortunately embraced to purchase you.

Dear readers who are intrigued by my daily idiocies, So if you haven't figured it out already, I ate lunch(soup and sandwich) at Newks today where I completely embarrassed myself because my "favorite thing" was on the menu (hence the #whatshouldwecall me clip). I love Newks tomato soup, so much that, embarrassingly enough, last night at a friend's birthday extravaganza, I was asking people what Newks Soup schedule was. Yep, I am that awkward and food-oriented. So, when Amanda and I arrived there today and I saw that the tomato soup was indeed on the menu, I was elated. I was in a state of euphoria as I ordered and did not calculate in my head that I had spent money last night and did not have much left in my wallet. Therefore, when it got to the total of my order, $10.30, I opened my wallet to realize that I only had 9.00. I hissed at Amanda, who was in the line beside me, but she didn't hear me and began to walk towards a table. I counted my money again. Nine dollars. Once more for stubborn me- NINE dollars. Simultaneously, I bit my lip, wanted to melt into the tile floor, put the nine dollars back into my wallet, gave the Newks worker the biggest smile I could manage, asked her to cancel my order, told her I would be back momentarily, and dismissed myself from the line of onlookers. I chased Amanda down, borrowed her card (you're a gem, Roomie), and returned to my scaffold of humiliation. As I approached the same worker (don't you love irony?) for the second time, I tried to smile and reorder only for her to tell me I left my keys at the register. By this time she thought I was a descendant of Mr. Bean/The Three Stooges.  If you are wondering, I didn't let my pride stop me. I ordered that soup and sandwich and ate every last bite.

Happy Friday, friends!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Written Wednesdays

So, as I have hit a gargantuan writing block barricade, I have been stalking other blogs profusely and have found a neat idea behind a few blogs. Letters. We all love letters right? I am all for the convenience of our technologically-advanced world of text messages, e-mails, phone calls, etc., but there is something mysteriously romantic, unifying,delicate, and downright genuine about the conglomeration of pen and paper and an envelope in a mailbox. Although not the first time on this blog (I wrote a letter to myself once before), I thought I would implement the "letter theme" again (even though these are not real letters seeing that they are being typed behind my computer screen and not written on my stationery that needs to be put to use more often).  I can't think of two better people to write to than my parents. So without further ado, Let's give this a go, shall we?

Dear Frito and Pasty (as my childhood friends so lovingly branded you years ago),

            Words could never adequately describe how thankful I am for the two of you and all that you have so selflessly done for me the past twenty-one years.  You are, without a doubt, the two strongest people I know. As I have journeyed through life and my spiritual walk, I have always heard about possessing a Servant's heart and lifestyle, tried to discover what this truly looked like, and have been blind to the fact that the definition of this attitude was right before my eyes and guided me on a daily basis. Your compassion for people and the daily sacrifices you make to help others never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for dealing with my dramatic monologues and daily phone calls of my "crazy ideas." Thank you for supporting me with my second major change at the end of my Junior year of college. Thank you for encouraging me to be the "bigger person" in life while also teaching me how to notice and appreciate the "little things" we miss/take for granted on a daily basis. Thank you for understanding that silence is not one of my virtues and lending me your ears for two decades now. Thank you for setting the bar so high that I will never, ever reach it but will strive throughout life to get to the halfway mark. Mom, thank you for being the kindest, yet toughest, person I know. You really are not human. You are Wonder Woman in so many dimensions and never let the weight of the world keep you down. Thank you for being the resounding voice of reason in my life (even if I sometimes idiotically tune it out) and for giving me such an example of a God-fearing, beautiful woman. Dad, thank you for being the encourager in my life, sending me off to run the bases in search of my dreams, but always pointing me in the direction that leads home. Thank you for embedding the power of prayer into my life and for showing me true dedication to family and faith. Yet, thank you is an inadequate understatement to the two of you. You are one of the greatest blessings in my life, and I look forward to the lessons and years in the future. I love you.


Monday, April 9, 2012


Ok, so I was feeling a little blog-friendly and decided to do two posts in one day. I haven't done this in a while so felt the need to update you on my life.

  • If you go to eat with me more than three times, you start to pick up on my tendency to spill/drop/knock over food/drink on myself and my clothes. This held very true in Houston. As I was eating at Brennan's (nicer restaurant that I mentioned a few posts ago), our waiter was approaching our table as I picked up my glass of water, and you betcha, water came over the brim like a volcano and all into my lap as the waiter took my order. I think I made a great impression.
  • In continuation of my dinner, SHRIMP. I have a definite love-hate relationship with this food. I love eating it but HATE peeling it. I should have taken this into consideration when I ordered Shrimp Chippewa at the restaurant, but of course, I didn't. So here I am after the waiter saw my cup turn into Mt. Helena, trying to politely peel my shrimp that are already submerged in grease, butter, and grits. Needless to say, a few shrimp tails were flying around my plate and table, and I had quite the look of flustered determination on my face for a good five minutes. 
  • For Spring Break, I went with four of my friends to Santa Rosa Beach in Florida. I had just bought a new swim suit and was excited about wearing. So excited that, as I am laying out (it's halfway through the day to add to the kicks and giggles), Samantha says, "Shelby, you are wearing your top upside-down." I tried to argue with her, but sure enough, I had worn the swim suit upside down for approximately four and a half hours. If that doesn't take some awkward talent, I don't know what does.
  • Also, on Spring Break, our cab driver one night told us scary/creepy stories and made himself out to sound like a possible serial killer. He then stops at a gas station...... and buys us all Krispy Kreme doughnuts...yep.
  • Last week, I walked to my first class with a cloudless blue-sky day. A mere hour later when I walked out of class, it was torrential downpours. I had no umbrella, no rain jacket, and ten minutes to get to my next class where I was being evaluated on my story. So, with all my graceless poise, I sprinted in the rain, through a  silent building, laughing so hard that I was snorting (a-w-k-w-a-r-d), to finally reach my class looking like a deranged, wet zoo animal...I love the weather.
  • Easter Break and getting to see family and my friends from home
  • SNICKER EGGS. There is just something better about snickers when they are in holiday/abnormal shapes.
  • Brennan's in Houston and Fish out of Water in Watercolor.
  • The fact that I am almost a Senior in college and the Easter Bunny still comes to visit me.
  • Same Kind of Different As Me- please do yourself a favor and read this book
  • Spring scarves- I am slightly in love.
  •  Houston weekend trip coming up next weekend!!

March Madness

I know, I know- it's April now, but I was absent so much last month due to the crazy rush of things and Spring that I had to make up for it and what better name to call it than- March Madness. Here's a flashback to the past month and all of its glory.

Trip to Houston

Chapter Retreat in Jackson

Spring Formal

Spring Formal

Day Trip to Kemah

Spring Break in Santa Rosa

The Good Life!

Happy Monday!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happiness. One of the most simple, yet ridiculously complicated, concepts/emotions in life. In my eyes, it could almost be summarized as this:

Kidding. Well kind of.  As I mentioned in the previous post, there have been a few big changes and decisions made in my life over the past month. I was waiting a while to share, but things seem pretty set in stone now (yet,are things ever set in stone with me?-good question). These changes came from me asking myself and evaluating what happiness meant and looked like in my life. Ultimately, this did not seem to be parallel with accounting. No disrespect to any possible accountants (I am dating one after all.) I still think it's a great field to go into, especially at Ole Miss (Top Ten in the Nation!), and offers a realm of possibilities to those pursuing it. However, at the end of the day, I did not feel like this would ultimately make me happy. Therefore, after much thinking, I have now decided that I am going to apply to OT school in the fall. I know this is a drastic change from Accounting/Business, but I was in Pharmacy freshman year which still doesn't really justify my decision. This decision comes from my heart. Throughout the past few years, I have tried to pinpoint the true passions in my life. For some, it's the wonderful world of sports. For some, it's fashion and the trends that stun the runways. For others, it's music and the arts. Mine is none of these. Mine can be found in the hopeful twinkle waiting behind teary eyes. Mine can be defined by a frown transforming into a smile. Mine are all ages, races, personalities, and ways of life. My passion is people and helping them throughout life. Volunteer at a nursing home for two and a half years, and then try to work in a field where you aren't constantly and directly aiding people, watching their progress, and reminding them of their potential while becoming a better person along the way. Try to not be captivated by the human heart and the power of a smile. (It's impossible).

As you can imagine, I have received doubts and skepticism from others due to my change. Yes, I am aware that I am almost a Senior in college. Yes, I am aware that this is the second time to change my mind. Yes, I know that I may come across as crazy. But as a wise woman once told me, you can't worry about others' perceptions and expectations in life.  You have to make yourself happy before that happiness can be passed onto others. For so long, I think I have tried to do what I thought was "expected of me" in a sense. Yet, my heart was never there. I have learned two things from this. 1) You are never going to satisfy the world's expectations, and quite frankly, you don't have to. 2) You are the only one who can control your happiness and how you view your life (meaning you have to go with your heart). Do I think I could have been worldly successful in accounting? Yes. Would I have been truly successful? No, because my heart would have not been in it, and why in the world would you dedicate your life to a passionless task? I love the line from one of my all-time favorite movies, Serendipity, when the guy says, "They only ask one question when a man died. Did he have passion?" Therefore, this is me doing what, I believe, will make me happy, and this is me pursuing a life of passion. Although I am not the biggest Beatles/John Lennon fan out there, when I saw this quote, I couldn't help but share. It sums up my outlook on this change.

So here's to being "happy"!