Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Dear People Watching, thank you for always being downright amusing. Your performance is consistent and a guarantee, and I salute you for that. Yet, you never cease to amaze me with your variety. Let's review some of your work this week, shall we?

To the worker at South Depot, As much as I have always wanted to open my own restaurant (true fact), I am not applying for jobs in the food industry as of now. Therefore, when you hand me my change next time, you don't have to give me your glove as well. Yep, that really happened. Even more awkward was the whole "oops, you gave me your sweaty glove along with my seventy-five cents. Let's awkwardly pass it back across the cash register and not make eye contact while doing so."

To the girl in my class today, I thank you for assuming that I am responsible, organized, and all-knowing, but I am none of the above. As much as I wish I could have told you when your project was due, I barely write my own tasks in my own messy planner. I can't decide who was more confused- you for me not knowing your assignments or me for the bewilderment of the question.

To the boy in my class today, Thank you for the grandiose entertainment of sprinting out of the middle of a review in search of your stolen cell phone that you had been tracking on your computer the entire class. Not to mention, your return of defeat when you did not find Waldo in the midst of the crowd and your telephone. I only hope that your search is more successful tomorrow.

To the girl with the umbrella walking across campus, Evidently, we share a love for Mary Poppins and all of her glory. However, let's do try to leave the umbrella spinning and pivoting to Julie Andrews. You spinning around with your umbrella on the sidewalk today almost left me with a trip to the ER, and girlfriend, I have been there before with no intention of going back.

To the boy at the park Sunday, Thank you for the wild entertainment while walking. I thought that escaping the hungry pit-bull would be the pinnacle of my run, but oh boy, did you prove me wrong. Not only were you shirtless and doing yoga in the middle of a family park, you also felt the need to sit on your head at one point. (Major props for that, by the way.)

To the rest of you, I hope you have a wonderful week. Whoever said, "Stop and smell the roses," obviously never Sat to watch the trees send their characters out of the woodwork. It's much more entertaining:) ALMOST Wednesday!


  1. I love the fact that I was with you for like half of these awkward encounters! Don't forget the random pair of shorts that were lying in the grass at the park... today I spotted a shirt, must be the other half of that person's outfit, in a tree at the park.

  2. Kaitlin, you really were though! I can't believe I forgot about the shorts!

  3. hahhahah this post is hilarious!

    new follower :)

    1. Thank you:) I loved your Titanic post as well! Glad we can entertain each other!

  4. bahaha. the girl with the umbrella ... that could have possibly been me. but hopefully it was not.