Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dear Today, April 16: Thank you for being a special day and for marking the success of Boyfriend and I not killing one another over the past year :)

Dear Semester: Where did you go? You ran away along with Freshman and Sophomore year and are forcing me to embrace the fact that I am almost a Senior- not okay.

Dear Sweet Lady at Church: Thank you for singing Revelation Song. It's only one of my favorites and has a wonderful message to it.

Dear Chelsie: Congratulations on your engagement! I am so very excited for you and wish you all the best.

Dear Derby Day: You treated me so wrong. I can barely move a limb on my body... Speaking of...

Dear Internal Fitness/Physique: You are fired. You have fallen asleep on the job too many times. I need you to get back in gear and back in shape. Right now you are a blob.

Dear Awkward Moment from the Weekend: Thank you for teaching me that when stuck in the middle of a jam/dance session and college couples trying to "Bust-A-Move" the words "Excuse Me" are getting you absolutely nowhere and are only leaving you stranded in the cesspool of sweat and raging hormones. I would suggest hand sanitizer and whipping out your best dance number.

Dear Thursday night: Thank you for allowing me to wear this. Yep, if you even needed to ask, that would definitely be me in the center with the obnoxious shirt on. It was a themed birthday party, I promise.
Dear Nicholas Sparks: Thank you for releasing another fabulous book to the Cinema world this Friday. I am only hoping that they don't torture your stories as horribly as Miley did the Last time. (slight-pun intended).

Dear Readers: Happy Monday. I might just send a little mantra your way after I make it through this test!

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