Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jenny Judy Program

Oh, hermit crabs. Who did not harass their parents endlessly on beach trips with the "please, please, please let me get one- I swear I will take care of it and feed it- which really means I am only six years old and have no idea how to tie my shoes much less provide for an animal-but it's cute and I will pout the entire way home if we don't get this- I won't ever ask Santa for anything again" argument. Well if you didn't, which you're lying and probably bitter because your argument wasn't successful, I did. I was thrilled beyond belief I am sure. So excited that I branded my hermit crab with the name....

.... Jenny Judy Program.
Most six and seven-year-old children pick Sparkles, Princess, Booboo, whatever else is simple and not complicated. I pick Jenny Judy Program, and that was a TRIPLE name. I really don't recall why I chose such an incredulous name, but that's besides the point. The point is, that was such a BIG name for such a SMALL hermit crab to handle. This is probably why she loathed me and decided to pinch my little fingers whenever she got the chance. Once again, besides the point.
My point is that in life, at times, we are ALL Jenny Judy Programs. For those of you who are not very creative-minded or are confused, hang tight, I promise I have an explanation. We all have burdens placed in our lives that are so much bigger than ourselves. It feels like more than we can handle. We all come to crossroads in our lives that are so overwhelming and hold consequences that are so much bigger than our current small steps. We all have big storms in our lives that make us feel like a small ship in the middle of a vast sea that is tossed and tumbled by every single gust of wind. We are a small hermit crab labeled with the enormous name Jenny Judy Program.
Situation sounds pretty hopeless right? Here's one more lesson from J.J.P for you. When you feel small and are overwhelmed by the bigness around you, pull out your pinchers. What does that mean? FIGHT. Be a J.J.P. When you're taken out of your comfort zone and prodded and poked and tossed in a thousand directions, pinch until you find your way back home. Conquer your burden. Find the path most suitable for you. Fight the storm and don't be discouraged by the howls of the wind. Yet, this still isn't enough sometimes is it?
Guess what? You're in luck. Unfortunately for Jenny Judy, she did not have any reinforcement when her pinchers weren't effective enough. However, you and I do. There is a God who takes away every burden. There is a God that guides you through every crossroad. There is a God who calms every storm. He pulls out his pinchers and fights for you when you can't fight any longer. He looks out for the Jenny Judy Programs of the world. (That's you and me!)
I received a sweet reminder of this Tuesday night. I was a Jenny Judy Program with a heavy heart when I walked into Campus Crusades. Yet, the music started, and it was one of my favorite worship songs. I began to feel a little sense of peace. The song ended, and the next song was another song that completely just spoke to my heart. By the third song, God had put a smile on one of His Jenny Judy Programs. I now knew that it didn't matter if my pinchers weren't good enough and if I felt overwhelmed in my J.J.P. world because I had someone a lot bigger than me guiding me and encouraging me. It took away the "Jenny Judy Program load."
So, quit fighting struggles that are bigger than you. Hand over your Jenny Judy Program problems and prepare to be completely encompassed and loved by something else that is a lot bigger than you and your hermit crab world.

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