Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Celebrations and New Beginnings

So, I do believe a little.....

... is in store. First of all, TODAY is my sweet Maidee Parker's 21st birthday. I would blog about her, but you see, I already have at least three posts about her that define her to her wonderful core, so I will let you read my multiple posts about the wonderful, supportive, beautiful, encouraging, hilarious, challenging, life-long best friend that I love so much! Happy Birthday Maidee Parker

Secondly, last month marked the 1st birthday of my sweet blog. I honestly cannot believe that I have been writing on here for over a year- besides the fact that I have been scarce during the past six months! I promise that is changing soon! I never pictured that this blog would turn into an outlet for me to pour out my ridiculous "Lucy" moments, my everyday thoughts and ramblings, the ups and downs of the past year, and ultimately part of my heart, but it has definitely served as that over the past year. Furthermore, I would like to thank each of you who have taken the time to read this and experiencing the past year with me so-to-speak!

However, I decided to change the blog up a little bit. I have changed the name- trust me, I will still have PLENTY of Lucy Moments for you in the future (including my most recent- calling the lady I babysit for to tell her that her stove wasn't working but I could smell the gas only for her to tell me that was impossible seeing that she had an electric stove... yikes)- but I thought it was time for a little remodeling because not all of my blogs deal with Lucy days. I found my new blog name from an ongoing joke among my boyfriend's family. Being a true Mississippi/Southern girl, they have poked fun of me for my so-called accent and constantly ask if I want "Sweet Tea and Grits." To be quite honest, I am not even that much of a grits fan despite my recent visit to the beach where I had cheese grits that where to die for! Back to the point, I started pondering over these two seemingly basic items and thought they fit well into the realm of my background and blog. Not only do they depict the Southern lifestyle that you will find in my blog, they also can depict the life that we all lead. In life, there is always going to be "grit" and days where things don't go as smoothly as we would wish. HOWEVER, there is always a glass of sweet tea waiting around the corner to help you swallow that grit. That is my goal in life and through this blog. I strive in life to always see the sweet tea around the corner, and through this blog, I hope I can serve you a sweet tea through my idiotic mishaps, life experiences, or any rambling on here that might be meaningful to you! So let's keep the sweet tea coming, shall we?

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