Saturday, February 11, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

So, I have seen this on a few blogs, and I couldn't help but think it was absolutely perfect to implent on mine. Because let's be honest, I define awkward, and yet, I am continuously blessed with so many awesome things in my life. So without further ado, let's debut Awkward and Awesome. (I promise, if you give me a week or two, it's going to get real awkward.)

  • Tuesday night, I became a big girl and attended my first Accounting social (that sounds awkward enough by itself), and was trying to act as professional as possible. I smiled. I mingled. I tried to ask accounting questions. I felt my stud earring fall out of my ear and hit the floor. Mind you, the actual stud fell out- the rest of the earring remained in my ear...(Thank the Lord I hadn't grabbed a plate of food yet, or it would have probably fallen in the artichoke dip.) So, in the middle of accounting recruiters, auditors, and eager students hoping to make an impression, I am searching the floor for my earring....yep.
  • Over the break I bought a BOSU Balance Trainer ball. Me buying a piece of balance equipment is already awkward? Did I mention that after my first attempt at "Calorie Combustion" the ball decided to pop out of its platform. I killed the BOSU. After a week.
  • In my new English Fiction class, we got back our grades to our reading responses. If you know me even the slightest bit, you might have picked up that I'm a little OCD about school and grades. This is especially true for my writing. So, professor decides to give me two 9-out-of-10s for two of my responses. I was livid. Mind you, I realize this is a 90, but he said "undeveloped paragraph." I think it's more than clear I can write more than 5-7 sentences. So, after class, I approached professor about my grades. He said, "you do realize it's still an A?" Yes, Professor, I do. I hope this is a developed paragraph!
  • I finally got a red pair of jeans. Do yourself a favor and buy a pair too! Colored denim is in this spring ladies!
  • No-class Fridays complete with BBB Breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. TO DIE FOR.
  • Last Sunday, I went to a new church, North Oxford Baptist, with Maggie and Tori, and I absolutely loved it. I also discovered Kim Walker's "I Need You More." Do yourself another favor and lisen to it!
  • Tara brought me a Gigi's cupcake home from her internship on Wednesday. Sometimes, all it takes is some icing to make a girl smile.
  • On the optimistic side of school, I just got good news for my writing project and am more than excited. More to come on that later!

Happy weekend!!

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