Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Bachelorette Babbles

So, I saw this on Meg's blog, and of course, I couldn't help but join in on the fun since the highlight of my day yesterday was the pure entertainment of the first episode of The Bachelorette. For all of you who are turning up your noses right now, cut me a little slack. I am in summer school and had been reading about human development all day. I needed some kind of release, even if it was soap-reality TV. Besides, who can resist watching Emily? She's absolutely beautiful. Back to the point, here are my opinions and impressions from last night's show.

First impressions and favorites:
-Ryan: The guy is a former pro-football player. Do I really need to continue? Ok, ok, besides that, he is a Southern man (woo hoo). Not to mention, in his introductory video, he was playing with kids WHILE lifting a tire. Can we say Superman?
-Charlie: Almost reminded me of Channing Tatum in a way, so of course, I was immediately hooked. He's from Nashville which is also a plus. Finally, I found his demeanor adorable. From his joke about the plates in his head to just his smile- I LOVED him.
-Arie: I thought he was so cute and loved his consideration of Emily's feelings. He is also a race-car driver which adds an adventurous edge in my book.
-Jeff: Although I thought he stepped straight out of the 80s or The Breakfast Club, you can't help but love someone who donates their company's profits to a charity. And behind all that crazy hair, the boy is cute.

Moments that literally made me cringe:
-BOBBLEHEAD: I literally cringed at this. I would never want to see myself as a bobblehead figurine and do not find this the slightest bit romantic. Flowers, yes. Compliment, absolutely. A bobblehead doll that looks just like me and has absolutely no use: N-O.
-HELICOPTER: I can handle Linzi coming in on the horse last season because that was something she was passoniate about/loved. However, I have a huge problem with Kalon making the set his own landing pad and his "Sorry, I'm late" comment. You made no friends with that one, pal.
EGG: Once again, I cringed. The only guy from my home state, and he brings an EGG. I am all for creativity and being unique, but an EGG? The metaphor was terrible too. I would never want to be compared to an over-sized egg that you are going to "guard and protect." I'm sorry, did the producers let Casey come back this season? Next stop: Egg tattoo.
-Songwriter: I really don't even remember his name, but I was so disturbed by his "song" in the introductory video. I am anxiously awaiting for the awkward moment where he breaks out into a musical number on a date. Once again, Casey is back on the show people. 

Did you watch the show? Who were your favorites? 

Happy Tuesday!!

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