Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bicycles and Beaches

So, I just returned from a two-day get-a-way to Rosemary Beach with Maggie and her absolutely adorable family. Although it rained the majority of the time, we did get a few hours in the sun and sand and two days of vacation, so it was perfect. Also, I was introduced to Red Bar which was nothing short of amazing. I will be running for quite a while tomorrow, but it was well worth it.
While I was at Rosemary, I was also reunited with bicycles- this was a Lucy moment for sure. After a rough start and a close call with a four or five-year-old little boy merely trying to enjoy his vacation and bike adventure with his dad, I began to catch on once again. And to be quite honest, I enjoyed it. I wish I had had my camera to document the bike ride because the houses and shops we passed along the way were so cute and all had their own unique, picturesque charm. Anyways, as I was struggling to conquer the bicycle and navigate successfully, I couldn't help but think that I was revisiting part of my childhood (not to mention I probably had not been on a bike since I was ten and thought Lance Bass and I had serious marriage potential). Yes, for that short period of time, I was a kid again. I was riding a bicycle, nervous of falling, but once I caught the hang of it, I was fearless. I couldn't help but think to myself how life would be if we revisited aspects of our childhood and took on that attitude. Like the bike, I was fearless and drove faster to feel the wind against my face and amazed by what I saw along the ride. Or we should be the child who dreams of being a rockstar, an actress, the doctor who cures cancer, or whatever else our heart desires and is not discouraged by the world, others around us, or are grounded by "reality." Or the child who loves quickly and forgives even faster and whose bitter feelings are as easily forgotten as their name on the top of their papers at school. Or the child who takes a completely motionless swing and soars to unimaginable heights by their efforts alone and the child who takes his sole piece of sidewalk chalk and creates a masterpiece even if the rain will wash it away the next day. Or the child who still dances when the music stops and makes his own moves as he or she goes. I think you get what I'm saying. I had an amazing past two days, and I am very glad that I, for two days, was a kid all over again.

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