Friday, June 25, 2010


So, as the title says, I have caved.
I got a blog.
I blame this on all of the other people I know who already have blogs, and I have become obsessed with the idea and more obsessed with reading their blogs. So I shall try my own. I named the blog moderndayslucy (I wanted moderndaylucy but someone already has that blog and hasn't written on it since 2004- I wish you would delete yours so I could have your name!) because I am sure that is what my blog will centralize around. By modern-day lucy, I am referring to Lucille Ball. A cheerleading coach in jr. high told me that my life is one big "I Love Lucy" episode, and quite frankly, it has remained this way since. I mean not many sober people can successfully fall flat on their bottom in a dress and heels, at a date party, their freshman year of college. Also, not many people lose their shoe and watch it tumble helplessly down the stairs behind them as they are leading their class out of their graduation ceremony in front of the entire town and have to walk down the stairs grab the shoe in one hand, diploma in the other, and limp out of the roaring-with-laughter auditorium. Both, sadly, happened to me.

I also decided on Girl Meets World because that is where my life is right now. In the past year, I have moved away from home,experienced an amazing freshman year of college, met so many amazing new people, changed my major, and discovered more about myself along the way. I am beginning to meet the world.

I should probably be short and sweet with my first post, so I will end with a piece of my current world. Now that I am home for the summer- I have received an enormous amount of free time and have found my ways back to leisure reading. I recently picked up Joanna Weaver's Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, and I highly highly recommend it- although I am only like fifty-pages into it. Anyways, one thing I have really taken from it so far was a definition of true devotion. However, since Joanna credited Robert Boyd Munger, I suppose I should as well. In his article "My Heart Christ's Home" (which she talks about in the book) he says that "true devotion is not a duty- it is a delight. It is not an exercise in piety- it is a privilege. And it is not so much a visit as it is a homecoming."

I love this definition. I feel as if so many times, devotion is another task to add to the to-do-list. We try and try to find the time to do this in our day and often fall short, but we cannot see this as a task. We are to see this as a delight. It is supposed to do something because we love it and want to- not because we feel as if we need to or should do it. It's amazing to think what devotion would be like if this was everyone's perception.

So, this turned out not to be so short. I will work on my rambles next time.

Hello and goodbye blog world,

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