Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So, as promised in my first blog, I have a TRUE Lucy moment to share. It seriously is my everyday lifestyle, but I have an extreme recent Lucy occurrence. It would of course include this:

High heels. The death of me. No, this is not my shoe, (isn't it sassy though?) but it was a similiar pink heel that led me to transform into my Lucy alter ego. I was ONLY trying to enjoy my night with my friends at the lovely KA house, but of course humiliation loves me and chooses to follow me constantly. On with the story, I had almost made it through the night without a blunder, and I had actually gotten compliments on the shoes. Well, the shoes got a little too arrogant and decided to show out.

I walked into the kitchen to find a friend to ask when we were leaving- LEAVING. I was so so close to being out of the danger zone. Well, the shoe obviously had become unbuckled much to my complete lack of knowledge, and just as a group of probably ten people were getting up from a table, I fell flat on my HANDS and KNEES in the middle of the KA kitchen. Mind you, this was not a quiet fall. The room went completely silent, but only for half of a second. Then I was hearing all variations of "that girl is so messed up." While I was searching for my long, lost friends Grace and Composure on the kitchen floor, I felt an arm go around mine, and a boy was helping me back on my feet. I quickly began to issue my "I'm so sorry- I don't know how this happened- I don't even drink even though I look like a raging drunk- I am COMPLETELY SOBER- this is just my humiliating every day lifestyle- thank you so much" spill."

I was completely sober and had fallen flat on the floor. Sadly, I have done this before.

Yet, not many people believed me. They didn't know that I was the clumsiest person they would ever encounter. They didn't know that I had a history as long as the Nile of unlucky and humiliating moments. They didn't know me. All they knew is what they saw- and my fall could have made Snooki look sober.

I feel like in life we judge from the capsize moments. We see the fall, don't give the benefit of a doubt, and write it off as what we perceive the situation to be. No one in the room thought I was clumsy- they thought I was drunk. If they had known me, they would have known it was pure lack of balance. Life is, in a sense, the same. We don't take the time to get to know the large majority of people around us. We live by what we see and hear and don't take the time to find real truth. People around us plead, just like I did, that I'm not what you think I am, I am something completely different. But, if we were honest with ourselves, do we hear them? Or are we living life by our own eyes and our own perceptions and oblivious to the capsize moments of people around us and the truth behind these moments?

Just thoughts from my time on the floor :)

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