Thursday, August 19, 2010

Feels like Home to Me

My new obsession. Seriously. I was obsessed.
Close-up of the pillows (please note the doll :) )

My side :) Half of my side/Maggie's side
This is my new "home," and I love it. My favorite thing is probably my new Oxford canvas. I really did not believe in love-at-first-sight until I saw it, but now, I am a true believer. I literally called my mother in a frenzy, sped to the restaurant where we were supposed to meet, rushed through my meal, drove her back to the antique store, bought the painting, and was ten minutes late for my move-in time because of this purchase. I mean- that is true love is it not? If you are still not convinced, let me illustrate another picture for you. This canvas is supposedly 24 x 48. Now, imagine Shelby, who was not blessed in the common sense department, with a 24 x 48 canvas in the middle of a parking lot at prime-time-scorcher with a loaded down car with only centimeters of empty space. Needless to say, it took me a while to get the painting in the car.
However, the canvas was only the sprinkles on top of my cake, because the true delight was getting to see all of my sweet friends that I had missed so much. Living with my pledge class all on the same floor is indescribable. It has been so much fun, and it has only been a few days. I am sure many, many more stories will be unfolded about this floor during the year.
I also now have a Twitter. I am now a definite technology nerd. It is becoming a problem.
Finally, I went to church on Sunday with some of the lovely Deegs, and I loved it. As I close with this blog, I wanted to share the first thing the preacher said. He started off with "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Of course this is referring to 1969 exploration to the moon, but since the preacher is so amazing, he linked it to our daily lives. Each small step we take can make a giant change in our lives. Everywhere Armstrong's foot landed, he was, in a sense, claiming territory for America and science. Every step we take, we are claiming territory by the life we live. So therefore, what small step will we take tomorrow, and what giant leap could it bring to our lives?

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